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  • Marketing and Enrollment Management

    Finding the right students for your programs is key. This begins with a careful study of your brand in the market and evolves into a full fledged marketing strategy.

    Online Marketing Campaigns
    Brand Identity
    Search Engine Optimization
    Web Development

  • Academic Services

    Our team of expert instructional designers, curriculum developers and faculty mentors will ensure that your students are able to focus on the content in their classes rather than faulty classroom design and inadequate course content.

    Faculty Evaluation
    Curriculum Development
    Classroom Design
    Adjunct Professors

  • Systems and Processes

    We take a very disciplined and analytical approach to supporting systems and processes for any institution. There is a “science” to integrating all of these systems that requires a careful attention to detail at every level.

    Systems Integration
    Strategy Development
    Project Management

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Using our combined experience to understand and improve your internal systems.

Knowing your students.

Many schools we meet with are spending a fortune on online and print marketing without understanding how to control or track those costs. Often, the school is making marketing decisions without having an in-depth knowledge of their students' personas.

In one case, our new partner was spending $60,000.00 per month on AdWords without realizing that 1,000 of their individual campaigns were ineffective to the demographic and student personas they were targeting. After three months of working with our team, their monthly costs were lowered by 22% and their online applications increased by 27%.

This increase in applications resulted in an additional $300,000 per month in revenue for the school.

Working with your team.

We offer a range of education consulting services--all designed to help your company or organization reach its potential. We will help you Identify, alleviate, and/or minimize potential points of failure within your existing internal processes and consumer marketing initiatives, and provide proven recommendations on how to enhance or change these initiatives moving forward.

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A team of professionals with experience in the education industry.

  • Brian Lambert

    Founder & Online Education Consultant

    Specializing in course building, instructor management, and classroom experience.

  • Eric Dalton

    Founder & Specialized Marketing Analyst

    Specializing in online marketing campaigns, print material, and overall brand management.

  • Shaun Redgate

    Founder & Internal Systems Consultant

    Specializing in corporate structure, internal systems management, and performance metrics.


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